Scale Treatment

Commercial limescale Treatment

A high percentage of equipment faults relate to scale, thus the effects of limescale on your maintenance budget can be immense. AGGORA Clients have the facility to manage their ‘fight against scale’ online, through our online scale manager.

Where scale build-up occurs in internal pipe-work, it restricts the flow of water causing serious and expensive damage to equipment. Where scale build-up occurs on heating elements it will insulate the elements forcing them to use far more energy than needed to heat the water, leading to early burn-out.

The two main types of treatment, Water Softeners and Water Filters, need different types of daily management:

  • Water softeners – These add a slight amount of salt to the water, which has the effect of greatly reducing the amount of dissolved limescale which will be released when the water is heated. Only suitable where the water is not directly for consumption, i.e. dishwashers. Daily monitoring is simply focused on maintaining salt levels.
  • Water Filters – also called calcium treatment units (CTU), are suitable for direct consumption as the water passes through these filters. Mainly used on combi-ovens, steamers, ice makers and beverage machines, daily monitoring is not required; however their life span is short lived, and the effects of not changing the filter on time are significant.

Not managing water filter exchange programs is unintentionally at the root of most catering operational scale problems. A water meter is essential for taking flow readings, and volume dependant the majority of filters need to be replaced every 3 to 6 months.