Ensuring your catering equipment is safe and efficient

Electrical, gas, and refrigeration equipment all need different elements of regular Planned Maintenance to ensure the safe continual operation of the equipment:

  • Gas equipment requires regular servicing to ensure it remains energy efficient and operationally safe throughout its lifecycle. With legislation requiring annual gas safety soundness checks on all equipment, the additional cost to service the Burners becomes minimal.
  • Electrical Equipment is generally more reliable than gas fueled, however regular servicing will identify any potential component failures, loose electrical wiring, and provide the opportunity to test critical safety devices before they cause a breakdown.
  • Refrigeration equipment requires regular minor checks and cleaning of condensers to ensure continual airflow to the compressor. Applying Planned Maintenance checks to refrigeration components will reduce equipment breakdowns and guarantee energy usage is controlled whilst prolonging the life of the equipment.
  • With elements of core equipment relying on the 100% operation of key Ancillary Equipment, these items also need regular scheduled maintenance visits to ensure they continue to operate correctly and fulfill their supportive function – protecting the core equipment. Scheduled visits to exchange water filters and inspect water softeners, ensures your core equipment is operating efficiently.