bella italia

Restaurant Sector

Casual Dining Group

Casual Dining Group (CDG) have multiple brands under their management including Café Rouge, Bella Italia, Las Iguanas, La Tasca, Belgo, Huxleys, and Oriel Grande Brasserie.

AGGORA Lockhart Projects have designed, supplied and installed kitchen and bar equipment for the whole of CDG’s estate across the UK for over a decade. CDG also operates across Europe and the middle east and we have designed and installed their kitchen and bar facilities here too.



Itsu is a healthy eating brand on the High Street which was started up by Julian Metcalfe, the founder of Pret A Manger. ITSU have over 70 stores, mostly located within central London, which offer quick and healthy food for the masses.

AGGORA Lockhart Projects works closely with ITSU to achieve high standards of detail to ensure their product is cooked and packaged to the exact standards they require. Their most recent store opening was within Gatwick Airport’s South Terminal and they continue expanding and maintaining their brand around the country.



Chipotle is a worldwide brand founded in North America, with over 200 stores in the US. Recently Chipotle has expanded within Europe and AGGORA Lockhart Projects have helped them achieve this.

AGGORA Lockhart Projects has recently finished Chipotle’s newest store opening at King William Street, which will be their 6th store in the United Kingdom. Chipotle has taken London by storm, with rapid expansion already and plans to open more stores in the future to handle high demand. We have also designed, supplied and installed kitchens in Germany and France, adapting the design to suit local laws and regulations.