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Furniture & upholstery

Furniture procurement & specification

Do you want to furnish your space with contemporary, luxury dining furniture for your guests? Or perhaps you require a cost-effective solution for employee or educational dining on a large scale?

Sourcing the right furniture, and creating and effective seating plan, can transform a room from cramped, dull and drab to spacious, modern and stylish. Our team are experts in assessing your space requirements and user needs to provide a solution that functions well within your layout and building constraints. And with a vast spectrum of designs, materials and colours available, we’ll ensure it looks great too.

Bench seating

Fixed and movable seating

If you are looking for a flexible arrangement for your space, we can help you source movable seating options in a range of styles from functional to more high-end products. Where fixed seating is incorporated into your design, we can assist with layout planning as well as sourcing or fabrication of quality bench seating with a range of colour and fabric options.

Refreshing your look? We can re-upholster tired existing furniture in leather, fabric or vinyl to give your space that ‘new’ feel without the price tag!