ansul fire suppression

Space planning

Gas interlock systems & emergency shut off

Gas safety legislation stipulates that a gas interlock system is required in all commercial kitchens. This ensures that in event of a ventilation failure, gas is automatically shut off, preventing the build up of exhaust gases that could be harmful to staff. AGGORA Projects can fit your gas interlock system as part of your build or install as part of an update to your existing kitchen’s ventilation.

We can install emergency shut off valves and electrical isolators – and fully consider all aspects right from the start of your kitchen design to ensure they are located according to legislation: ie. Electrical isolators installed within a metre of a hardwired appliance.

ansul fire suppression

Ansul fire suppression

We install Ansul fire suppression systems which are widely recognised as the market leader when it comes to protecting your catering equipment from fire.

Integrated into your design from the start of your project, systems can be designed so that nozzles are directed to specific hazard areas or arranged in a simpler, linear arrangement. The system can also be linked to fire alarm and gas shut off valves.

Recommended by many industry insurers, the Ansul system is your first choice for fire safety.