Trainee Academy

AGGORA are committed to our Early Talent employees, we recognise the benefits of developing industry leading Engineers from the start and providing continuous professional training for all. We have recently improved our successful Trainee Academy, designed to build competent Catering Engineers, using a combination of recognised industry qualifications and a series of communication skills workshops.

All Trainees will have the opportunity to build their confidence of working on low-risk jobs whilst being supported by a dedicated Mentor and Training Team throughout their 2-year programme. Once deemed competent all Trainees will be provided with further opportunities to train on Manufacturer specific courses to aid them in becoming fully competent Engineers.

Training Timeline

Below is the Trainee Academy timeline to become a fully qualified Engineer with AGGORA. Throughout the 2 – year development programme you will complete a series of detailed Task-books that will aid your knowledge in Catering equipment and assist your competency sign off. Alongside the Task-books you will attend external training to achieve your Electrical and Gas qualifications

You will have the opportunity to meet with your dedicated Academy Mentor regularly to ensure you are exposed to the right equipment and experience necessary to graduate! Although your Mentor will support you throughout the programme, you’ll also have the opportunity to work with several leading Engineers to gain varied and valuable experience.

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1-8 Months

Gas Qualified

8-20 Months

Trainee Academy Graduation

Move to completing low-risk jobs independently


Manufacturer-specific training

Fully Competent



Ashley has been with AGGORA for the past 3 years working on small low-risk jobs and working towards his fully competent Engineer sign-off.

“Ever since being a child I’ve always liked fixing things and seeing how stuff worked. This started from smaller things to then my bikes and skateboards. I just knew I’ve always wanted to do something hands on with work and saw this as the perfect opportunity.

The reason I chose an apprenticeship is because I like the idea of learning while also getting paid to do so alongside. Being in an apprenticeship gives me the real-life work experience I need that is also desired by a lot of companies when hiring. Completing an Apprenticeship gives me more of a chance of a secure full-time job at the end of my learning.

Aggora is a huge company that I knew was very successful in the industry. I also knew with Aggora I would have a secure job with loads of benefits, with a friendly atmosphere. With the recent merger with Bunzl, Aggora would only get bigger”

Ashley, Trainee Engineer, Aggora Trainee Academy

Jack Spendlove joined AGGORA in joined AGGORA in May 22 and is already electrically qualified and is working towards his Gas qualification in the next 6 months.

“I chose the AGGORA trainee academy as I could see it was a fantastic opportunity to expand my knowledge and to have a successful career in Engineering.

The benefits of joining the AGGORA trainee academy are endless! Trainees are given the option of further learning such as electrical competence course and the MLP Gas course. There’s also a lot of work to keep busy with and a lot of on-the-job training.

AGGORA is a very positive place to work, there is support, especially for young trainees like myself, from the engineers, to the office staff to the managers. Everyone is really helpful, and everyone wants to achieve the same end goal of carrying out good work and helping our amazing customers as much as possible. AGGORA is a very good and safe workplace and is amazing to be apart of!”

Jack, Trainee Engineer, Aggora Trainee Academy

Jakub joined AGGORA in May 22 and is already electrically qualified and is working towards his Gas qualification in the next 6 months.

“I chose to join AGGORA training academy to keep improving myself and to keep learning whilst being paid. There is so much to learn but it’s so interesting that it makes me want to keep learning more and more.

The Key benefits of working with AGGORA are the positive and  experienced staff willing to help and guide you through your career, as well as supporting you through any life challenges. There are plenty of career opportunities available to you as well.

I chose Catering Engineering because to me it’s something different than any other engineering jobs, this job is unique. It helps customers by providing fast and quality service as well as building up great relationships with customers. Seeing happy customers at the end of the day puts a smile on my face knowing that I helped and provided quality service for them”

Jakub, Trainee Engineer, Aggora Trainee Academy

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